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My Services
A photograph is an instant of truth. It’s a bit of magic really… capturing the little things, forever, so that you can always return to the special feeling of that moment. Ever since my first photography class in 1994, my passion for photography has never waned. Now, more than ever, I have an immense appreciation for the power and beauty of a photograph, and the lasting impression it can leave on one’s heart. I love what I do, and I want you to ABSOLUTELY love it too. I want you to enjoy your photos as much as I have enjoyed being privy to those moments. It’s also my goal to make the session as comfortable and fun as possible! I believe candid photos are just as special as those that are a bit more poised. I’m all about giving you a great variety. I want you to have a wonderful experience that results in beautiful photos that you can treasure for the rest of your life!
About Me
I love Nutella. With a spoon. I love movies. Especially the romantic sappy kind. Or thrillers. Provided there’s a romance in there somewhere. I love to dance. I used to be a professional ballet dancer. But I really love to shake a tail feather too. I love adventure. Especially the traveling kind. I love my family. And my wonderful friends. I love to give gifts to people. Sometimes I buy Christmas presents already in February. I like to cook. But I love watching a real chef in action. Top chef rocks. I bake a mean brownie. I am even better at eating them than I am at baking them. I love amusement parks. The faster the roller coaster the better. Pink cotton candy is my favorite. I love the beach. I worship the sun. I love creativity. I love love love photography. I love the smiles a photograph can bring to people’s faces. I love it if I am able to do that for someone.



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